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About Loreto's Health Centre

Loreto’s Health Centre aims to invest love, time, and energy in assisting individuals in healing their bodies, minds and souls through various treatments



Kinesiology Balance

Contact us to book a 1 on 1 Kinesiology balance with Loreto. Sessions are individualised to suit your unique needs. 


Loreto holds a group meditation at the clinic every Tuesday during school terms.

7-9 pm 


Your divine presence is welcome

Kinesiology Practice

2nd Monday of each month

School terms only

7-9 pm




I always feel wonderful after a balance with Loreto. She is a gifted healer who combines a variety of modalities to provide a personalised healing experience. I have been seeing her for many years and highly recommend her. 


I have been receiving kinesiology balances from Loreto for a number of years and also take my children to see her. She is wonderful at getting to the root cause of any issue we are facing and supporting us to create lasting change.


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